About us

We are in active technical collaboration with M/s. Mahabal Enviro Engineers Pvt. Ltd.. The company is recognised by Ministry of Environment & Forests, Govt. of India. They are having their more than 12 laboratories all over India and operating branches in other countries such as Maryland USA, Vancouver Canada and Singapore.

The said company is also ISO:9001:2000 Certified for ‘Consultancy in Operation & Maintenance of STP/ETP & WTP’ and ‘Sampling and analysis of Stack Emissions, Ambient Air Quality, Noise, Soil, and Hazardous Waste’.

We are capable of doing sampling and analysis of all common parameters, from our local laboratory. We do monitoring of Stack Emissions such as SPM, SO2, NOX and in fact many parameters that can be analyzed by wet chemistry.

In Ambient Air Quality, we can sample Suspended Particulate matter (SPM), Respirable Particulate Matter (RPM PM10) and common gases by using Respirable Dust Samplers (RDS).

We have also capacity to analyse all common parameters for Water, Effluent. A separate list is enclosed for your ready reference.

Parameters like HC, CO, Benzene etc. that are required to be tested on Gas Chromatograph, will be sampled by us and analysed through our Bombay Laboratory.

Heavy Metals can be sampled by us but the analysis will be done on Atomic Absorption Spectroscope (AAS) in our laboratory at Mumbai.

We will install GC and AAS even at this laboratory in future, provided there is sufficient demand from the clients to make the operations economical. For the time being, we get these parameters analysed from the other local laboratory doing such chemical analysis. (e.g. Dubai Central Laboratory of Dubai Municipality).

The Solid and Hazardous Waste Samples will be sent to Bombay for specialised analysis. Whereas general classification, physical analysis, contamination can be done here also.

Generally all results shall be available within 2 working days time from the date of sampling and the final report can be submitted to you in proper format as you desire. Urgent analysis and reporting within 24 hours is also available, if the need be.